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Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 13:31:57 EDT

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    The foot still lives in American football.

    Note the resurging recognition of the pivotal role of special teams in
    determining so many games with kickoffs, punts, field goals and extra

    The a bittersweet thing is the number of major schools who pay enormous
    penalties to the NCAA to not have men's soccer programs, using the women's
    soccer programs to offset the scholarship disparities to satisfy Title IX.
    Sweet because our women are dominant on the world soccer stage. Bitter
    because our son's have very little scholarship availability in soccer, hence
    our men's slow ascendance in World Cup play, only recently moving into the
    top 10 world rankings. Most of these US men must play overseas to rise to
    this level.

    Imagine a US soccer team with athletes like those in US Men's pro sports who
    have played since they's babies.

    One day, baby, one day.


    My goodness, We are far afield. How about the Native American name for
    their ball games, the "little brother to war".


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    > Geroge wrote:
    > Michael Roberts wrote:
    > >
    > > Real football is the way it is played in Britain, world
    > Cup and all that.
    > Oh, you mean _soccer_! Yeah, we've heard of that.
    > George
    > Actually, I think Michael meant FOOTball, the game of 22
    > players who actually kick the ball around with guess it!...
    > THEIR FEET! (and yes, World Cup and all that), rather than run around
    > CARRYING the ball with their HANDS and still insisting to call the
    > game FOOTball? Seems to be a very confused bunch of folks.
    > Hmmmm...Maybe a human anatomy course should be required of all
    > elementary school children....
    > :-)
    > Adrian.

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