RE: baseball and God

From: Adrian Teo (
Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 11:55:28 EDT

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    Geroge wrote:

            Michael Roberts wrote:
    > Real football is the way it is played in Britain, world
    Cup and all that.

            Oh, you mean _soccer_! Yeah, we've heard of that.

            Actually, I think Michael meant FOOTball, the game of 22
    players who actually kick the ball around with guess it!...
    THEIR FEET! (and yes, World Cup and all that), rather than run around
    CARRYING the ball with their HANDS and still insisting to call the
    game FOOTball? Seems to be a very confused bunch of folks.
    Hmmmm...Maybe a human anatomy course should be required of all
    elementary school children....


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