Re: What is your faith based on?

From: Jay Willingham (
Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 11:29:58 EDT

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    Ian and I disagree, Dick.

    Deal with it.

    Jay Willingham

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    > What God could have done is not the question. The fact is that the
    > original texts are not preserved, and since all the extant copies
    > differ, we can assume that there are differences between the
    > surviving copies and the originals. Then, the texts had to be
    > translated and interpreted. This was not done without error. Don't
    > ask us to point out all the errors.
    > So if the question is, "wouldn't He have taken care to maintain it,"
    > the answer is that the Scriptures and His good creation have been
    > placed in human hands. We have treated the Scriptures with great
    > care, but being human, we (scribes, translators, interpreters,
    > expositors) have made strictly human mistakes down through the ages.
    > Deal with it.
    > Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
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