Fw: What is your faith based on?

From: Jay Willingham (jaywillingham@cfl.rr.com)
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 16:18:21 EDT

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    > Ian, I and others on this list have voiced your same position.
    > We are often so blinded by the trees that the forest eludes us. That is
    > lesson in the constant cycles of apostasy, legalism, divine chastisement,
    > repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation that sees its ultimate
    > in the gift of salvation by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ.
    > I have only read the Bible through a few times, but each time more
    > the Word is truly alive and maintains its life in spite of Satan and Man's
    > efforts to dismiss or modify it. Nothing is more confusing that the
    > of data technology inundates us with on a daily basis.
    > Many of the learned folks on this list remind me of those Paul must have
    > debated in Greece, but only God knows the hearts of each of us. We may
    > differ on points that to God are essentially minor points, endless
    > genealogies. Debate is healthy so long as it retains love for the other
    > side and all remain ready to testify as to the source of our hope, Jesus
    > Christ.
    > Jay Willingham
    > Central Florida
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    > Subject: What is your faith based on?
    > > Wow. In my few short months on this list I've learned that much of the
    > > supernatural record of the OT couldn't have happened (nor does it
    > > Jesus didn't distinguish between truth and fantasy in His teachings,
    > > lied when describing the after-life, some (but certainly not all) of the
    > > gospels may be true, Paul supported and taught positions that we have
    > > determined to be lies (homosexuality is a sin, etc.), the writers of the
    > > gospels lied about Jesus' miracles (Peter walking on water), etc., etc.
    > > know that may sound like strong language, but either these passages in
    > > scripture were true or they were lies. Whether they were written out of
    > > altruistic motives or not, truth is either truth or it is not. Ask any
    > > year old.
    > >
    > > I can't disagree that it would be infinitely convenient to my "faith" if
    > > were able to dismiss any parts of scripture that I think didn't agree
    > > our current culture (homosexuality, sanctity of life) or our current
    > > interpretation of scientific evidence. But then is my faith really in
    > > all-powerful, all-knowing God or is my faith in my ability to
    > > what I know about him with the current tides of popular culture and
    > science?
    > > Isn't this really Deistic Humanism? Or Humanistic Deism?
    > >
    > > My first-ever post to this group asked the question - "if the Bible
    > > true, then what is your faith based upon?" I never received an answer,
    > > rather I got a lot of long-winded explanations about the changing nature
    > of
    > > language, the difficulty of translation, the inability of us to know
    > > author's intent, etc. If God intended us to have His word (as He
    > references
    > > several times within the Bible), if Christ re-affirmed the inspiration
    > > the OT (and taught from it) then wouldn't He have taken care to maintain
    > it
    > > throughout a couple thousand years so that our understanding of Him in
    > 2002
    > > could be as real as it was in 0002?
    > >
    > >

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