Re: higher criticism

Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 02:54:33 EDT

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    George wrote,

    << It's easy to satirize "higher criticism," JEPD, &c. Critical
      attempts to
      assign individual sentences & words to different sources have sometimes been
      overdone. But anyone who who has been alerted to the bare
      possibility that there are
      different sources behind the Pentateuch & who reads it open eyes &
      mind will see places
      where different traditions have been combined. >>

    i agree. Most OT scholars today are well aware that the documentary theory
    was taken to an extreme in the past. But, this does not mean it does not have
    some validity. When I worked my way through each verse in Deuteronomy it
    became quite clear that laws in Leviticus and Numbers had been changed in
    significant ways, and anyone can see this even in translation if they
    carefully look at the parallel passages. There is validity to the presence of
    D. P seems quite obvious as well. The P style is quite contrastive to that of
    J. I only find E ephemeral.

    Before supposing that OT scholars all live on a cloud, one should carefully
    work through the short book by Alexander Rofe, Introduction to the
    Composition of the Pentateuch (Sheffield Academic Press, 1999) or The
    Pentateuch by Joseph Blenkinsopp (Doubleday, 1992). One may still end up
    rejecting the theory, but it should first be given serious consideration.


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