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From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 14:49:31 EDT

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    At 12:31 AM 09/10/2002 -0400, Walter Hicks wrote:
    >It disappoints me greatly to see politics thrown around as a
    >discussion point on
    >this list. The growing acrimony is a direct proof of what a horrible idea that
    >is. This is supposed to be about science and Christianity, not a
    >political forum.

    Agreed, but even now I feel I must answer. Politics is not valueless in
    any country, so not in N.America either. Values are definitely religious,
    so talking about values is religious as well. But, in N.America we have a
    system that really kills the voice of minorities in politics. So,
    Christians who want to support real Christian politics in labour-relations,
    in treating the poor, in external relations have no influence in politics.

    >In my mind the Christian focus is:
    >1.) To Ďspread the wordÓ about Jesus Christ. To assist others in coming to
    >him as their personal saviour and Lord.

    Jesus Christ is much more than a personal saviour, He is the Saviour of the
    world. His rule will encompass everything, and should now be propagated as
    well. That means indeed propagating a community of believers in every area
    of life, in science as well. That means in science as well. Some years
    ago we had a thread about whistle-blowers. If I remember right, one of our
    members was fired from a government position because of his open
    disagreement with the government about certain nuclear policies. That is a
    matter for all of us. Policies of research in human cells is another issue
    on which Christian should have an Christian opinion. More examples could
    be mentioned I am sure.

    >2.) To love one another, respect one another and support one another. To
    >develop a local community of believers.

    "Local" could mean as well a group of people with the same interests.

    >3.) To serve all human beings by being a servant following the example of

    That might mean pointing to wrong doings of governing bodies as well, as we
    see in the NT too, for example the story about Herodias.

    >When people want to introduce politics into religion it is generally so
    >that they can claim that Christianity supports their political viewpoint
    >(whichever one it is).

    Life would be a lot better if we indeed would listen to political
    viewpoints supported by the Bible, and then discuss on that base.

    >Jesus does not support gun control
    >Jesus does not oppose gun control
    >Jesus does not care about gun control
    >Jesus does care about what I listed above.

    If statements like those are made, they should be supported (at least upon
    request) by quotes from the Bible. I have often stated that we are
    everywhere and always followers of Jesus, so we should be able to defend
    statements like you made in public. "Gun control" is one of them, but I
    agree with you that discussing "gun control" here is not the right place.

    >I think it would be a good idea to drop this thread and any further
    >discussion about politics.

    I do not disagree with you on that depending on the subject.

    Jan de Koning

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