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Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 14:47:05 EDT

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    >>Marvin Olasky is
    one political conservative (who does happen to be a conservative
    Presbyterian, but not of the "Left Behind" variety) who has given
    this a lot of thought. Burgy, are you familiar with any of his

    >Olasky came out of Austin, Texas, and when I was there he was published
    >frequently in the Austin Statesman newspaper. I found his writing to be
    >rather well done and frequently agreed with him. But I confess I have not
    >read him in reent years (since 1997).

    He is still there. He's a journalism prof at UT Austin. He is also editor
    of World Magazine ( and often writes editorials for it.

    His 2000 book, Compassionate Conservatism, was cribbed by the President
    (both the phrase and the ideas behind it). The Tragedy of American
    Compassion, his history of 19th century charity and why it was more
    effective than 20th century welfare, was made required reading by Newt
    Gingrich for the 1994 freshman class of Congress.

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