RE: Who lied? Moses or God?

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 14:14:01 EDT

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    That is not a proper way of talking. Since God's Word is inspired both are
    not lying, so the solution must be sought in another way. I pointed out
    before, that even now "day" is used by some in a non-literal sense. But
    that is not the main objection. Language-use is changing continually. I
    am 78 now, but some words have now a different meaning than 70 years
    ago. "Day" may mean period, but even then the meaning of Gen.1-11 may not
    be "literally" true, as we see in the use of our own daily language. The
    way I think about Gen. 1-11 is that it is an introduction to God's care for
    his people, an introduction partially written in poetic form, especially
    Several different ways of "preaching", "talking" etc. are used in the
    bible. The parables of Jesus are called parables, not lies. This issue is
    more an issue of literature-use, than of veracity.

    Jan de Koning

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