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    Another factor to consider with regard to the Exodus passages is that
    there is also a sabbath year, and seven sevens of years (literally, a
    day of forty-nine years) is the time for the Jubilee. If the
    commemoration of God's rest in the Sabbath must strictly correspond
    to the duration of creation, then it must have simultaneously been
    seven days, seven years, and forty-nine years as well as indefinite
    periods of time corresponding to the time spent in the promised land
    (a place of rest) and the ongoing opportunity to enter God's rest
    (Hebrews 4).

    The claims that I have seen for distinguishing features of literal
    versus figurative days seem to have equal merit with the claims to
    distinguish the vocabulary of the Elohist versus the Jahwist. They
    seem to look for features of Genesis 1 and then claim that they
    distinguish literal days. For example, some aspects of the wording
    with regard to days appear to be unique to Genesis 1 (as far as I can
    tell with an exhaustive concordance). To assert that these are
    evidences of a literal day is circular argument. Other claims are
    clearly inaccurate, such as the claim that ordinals (first, second,
    etc.) plus day always indicates a literal day. This seems like a
    rather peculiar rule, as figurative speech is usually less
    constrained, rather than more constrained, than literal speech. This
    rule is as silly as asserting that no one but Redactors knew about
    synonyms. In fact, "on the third day" is an idiom for a brief period
    of time, not strictly literal, most clearly in Hosea.

    Another line of evidence that the distinction between literal and
    figurative days is not clear comes from the wide range of guesses as
    to the significance of days in apocalyptic passages.

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