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From: George Murphy (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 07:49:35 EDT

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    Ted Davis wrote:
    > George Murphy's humorous comment about theodicy and baseball spurs me to add
    > some thoughts of my own. I'm not trying to start a new thread here, just to
    > throw a little humor into the world. I teach a course on baseball and
    > american life, which sometimes leads me to think strange thoughts.
    > One thought, that God is lefthanded (as I am, of course, and so is my wife
    > and one of our daughters), is almost capable of a deductive proof. It's too
    > long to give here, but the central points include the fact that baseball has
    > been divinely revealed and the fact that first base is on the right side of
    > home plate, from the catcher's point of view, rather than vice versa. If
    > God were not left-handed, this would not be so. Get me to provide the
    > details in person, rather than online, at a future ASA function....
    > I have also thought of writing a modern Bridgewater treatise, as follows:
    > On the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God as Manifested in Baseball. I've
    > actually given this one some serious thought, but as yet no serious effort
    > to write it. But it would be lots of fun to try, and I'd start with a
    > theology of suffering: since God is clearly a Cub fan who also likes the Red
    > Sox (God thinks baseball should be played on grass, close to the fans, and
    > preferably in the daylight), then why do those two teams not win the World
    > Series? The answer does have something to do with suffering and theodicy, I
    > suspect. But I won't detail that one too far here, so as not to appear too
    > frivelous with deadly serious theology. But you get the point.
    > George, have you given thought to this line of reasoning? Isn't there more
    > evidence here of the divine character, than in the fact that the Angels beat
    > the Yankees--though I too am rejoicing in that event?

            I can't say I've given a lot of thought to it: While I
    follow & enjoy baseball,
    football is really my sport of preference. But it certainly needs to
    be noted that God
    created the universe "in the big inning."

    George L. Murphy

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