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    I love it!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds just like all the "real" babble that comes from the JEPD corner!!!


    bivalve wrote:

    >>From Edmund P. Clowney, 1960, Eutychus.
    >The original source material which follows shows the value of a
    >scholarly interpretation of a familiar text:
    >Humpty-Dumpty sat on an wall.
    >Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall.
    >We need not stop to discuss the critical questions which surround
    >this classical text. It is generally understood by modenr scholars
    >to be a conflation of H and D. The Humptyist (H) may well have
    >written ¤Humpty sat on a wall.Ë The original Deutero-Dumptyist (D2)
    >probably had the reading ¤Dumpty had a fall.Ë A later redactor,
    >acquainted with both traditions, and struck by the rhyming
    >possibilities (Humpty/Dumpty; wall/fall) joined the conflicting
    >accounts in a couplet. the adjective ¤greatË is almost certainly a
    >later gloss, which may be traced to lapsarian circles in Great Falls,
    >Minnesota. The formgeschichtlich school traces the term to a
    >sitz-im-kindergarten which favored exaggeration and legendary
    >embellishment, but this has now been decisively rejected by I. E.
    >Hohlkopfig (Z. A. G. XCMIII: 4, p. 116).
    >Our primary interest, however, is not in the vicissitudes of history
    >which led to the challenging statement of the text. The fascinating
    >speculations of Glowinkel linking our couplet with the festival of
    >the Easter egg roll cannot be commented upon here. We pass over the
    >moralizing and allegorizing that many have found in C. Dodgson,
    >Through the Looking-Glass (Ch. I, ¤Humpty-DumptyË).
    >Instead, we turn to the simple declaration of the text. to be sure,
    >the literal picture of an animate egg in a sitting posture on a stone
    >wall is absurd from the scientific standpoint, for it escapes
    >scientific categories. This fall did not occur in calendar time, but
    >in the egg╠s act time, oval history. It gives mythological
    >expression to the human predicament. as the Monarchist observes in
    >those existential lines which he has added in conclusion:
    >All the king╠s horses and all the king╠s men
    >Couldn╠t put Humpty-Dumpty in his place again.
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