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Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 01:19:37 EDT

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    Burgy wrote:

    >Rush Limbaugh, by the way, is one of several key exhibits in the case for
    >associating Republicanism and traditional/fundamentalist Christianity.
    >(Terry calls this "conflation," but that term presupposes no causal
    >relationship between the two). He (Rush) claims about 2,000,000 "ditto
    >heads" nationwide, and his popularity with some folks indicates that claim
    >may be fairly accurate.

    What does Rush have to do with the religious right? (Other than much
    of his listeners.) I don't really think Rush identifies with
    religious fundamentalism--underscoring my point that they really are
    different phenomena--lots of correlations, no doubt, but "causal"--I
    don't think so.

    As for the Jan's point about the poor...the political question is how
    do we best take care of the poor, via government programs or by other
    means, say charitable organizations and the church. Marvin Olasky is
    one political conservative (who does happen to be a conservative
    Presbyterian, but not of the "Left Behind" variety) who has given
    this a lot of thought. Burgy, are you familiar with any of his


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