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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 15:46:38 EDT

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    >>I'm again disappointed in your conflation of
    politics with theology. I'd like to think that this was all
    tongue-in-cheek (we'll abbreviate that TICIH--"tongue in cheek, I

    Both you and Rogland have hollered at me for "conflationism." I plead
    guilty, as I see no pejorative connotation to the word in the dictionary.

    Like it or not, The RR and the Republican party are engaging in an intimate
    and unholy embrace which furthers the goals of Robertson, Falwell, Dobson,
    et. al. and has eased persons such as me out of the Republican party into
    first, independence and lately, into the Democratic party.

    The pivotal event for me came in the campaign for the presidency two years
    ago. Friend wife and I were involved in the Civil Rights movement of the mid
    60s, we had thinly veiled death threats at that time against our young
    children, we adopted three children from another culture and skin color, we
    were the recipients through the years of "interesting" encounters with some
    "good" church people. When I saw George Bush Jr. embracing what may be one
    of the last bastions of racism in this country -- Bob Jones "University," it
    sort of sealed my politics.

    In the past year I have read much on the conflation you have trouble
    believing in. The phenomenon is particularly evident when one reads what the
    leaders of the RR are writing, and what they are saying in interviews. I am
    sure that at the grass roots level, the phenomenon is not so pervasive.
    While I cannot think of a single religiously conservative friend I have who
    is not also a rock ribbed Republican, I know my experience is limited; I am
    sure there are some such. At the leadership level, though, it is a whole
    nother ballgame.

    I couple that, Terry, with my observation that the yahoos are winning, and I
    genuinely fear for the country.

    There are conservatives I really like and respect. John McCain, even though
    I think him dead wrong on the Roe v Wade issue. Stephen Carter, whose books
    have had a positive influence on my own thinking and writing. And others.

    Then there is John Ashcroft. If ever fascism comes to America, ... .

    Conflation? Yes. Because there is a causal connection.



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