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Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 13:24:56 EDT

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    Mike wrote: "Burgy, Fundamentalism is NOT traditional Chrisianity. It may be
    in its original form at the end of the 19 cent e.g Warfield Orr Moule Ryle
    etc, but what is now called Fundamentalism is some new fangled obscurantist

    I never thought of Warfield as a fundie.

    "What you describe is American Fundamentalism of the worst sort."

    Read what I wrote. Not a claim, but a list of "candidate concepts." I find
    these characteristics in certain people, some of whom are personal friends.
    I find these characteristics (generally) in certain leaders of the
    "Ridiculous Right" (sorry) -- see the recent book FOR A CHRISTIAN AMERICA by
    the late Ruth Murray Brown. My real concern is that the yahoos are winning.
    ICR and AIG are just that tip of the iceberg. Did you know that there have
    been THIRTY-SEVEN MILLION copies of the "Left Behind" series sold? People
    believe that stuff. What you and I know today as "traditional Xtianity" may
    be a faint memory in a few decades.

    Your list of 11 out of the 29 is interesting. But what do you do with those
    you have passed over?


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