Re: faithfulness vs factualness

From: George Murphy (
Date: Sat Oct 05 2002 - 21:22:59 EDT

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    > George Murphy wrote:
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    > OK, if I say that Jesus did actually walk on the Sea of Galilee and
    > that the part about
    > Peter in Mt's account is a theological elaboration of the meaning of
    > that event, it's
    > "fabrication." If you say that Peter actually stepped out of the
    > boat, but the part about him actually
    > taking a few steps on the surface was an elaboration of some sort, I
    > can use the same
    > logic to say that the latter part is "fabrication" as well.
    > >>
    > I said that I do not _insist_ on Peter actually walking on the water.
    > The important point is that Peter took the step. _You_ and Bod
    > Schnieder both pointed out the importance of understanding
    > "theological editing" and the literary genre. I don't see any reason to
    > disagree, so I leave that open there, although I can also accept it as
    > historical.

            You have ignored my argument. If addition of an entire
    fictional Peter passage
    to the true account of Jesus walking on the sea would have been
    "fabrication" then
    saying that Peter walked a few steps on the water before he sank
    would have been equally
    fabricated if he really just sank.

    George L. Murphy

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