Re: Genesis in cuneiform on tablets

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 16:44:50 EDT

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    I did not follow the discussion on this subject, but it does not appear to
    go away. May I refer to my uncle's study (written in Dutch, some of you
    may be able to read it) :
    "Studien over de El-Amarnabrieven en het Oude Testament inzonderheid uit
    historisch oogpunt" by J. de Koning; 557 pages, published in 1940 at NV
    W.D. Meinema, Delft, Netherlands. His conclusion based on the Bible and
    numerous clay-tablets: Israel entered Canaan about 1380 BC

    Jan de Koning

    At 11:06 AM 03/10/2002 -0400, Dick Fischer wrote:
    >Hi Peter, you wrote:
    > >Wiseman suggests that Genesis was transmitted on clay tablets before
    > >Jacob moved to Egypt (cf. his Colophon in Gen.37:1-2a), and that from
    > >then on, presumably Egyptian writing customs obtained, i.e. papyrus. In
    > >striking contrast to Gen.1-36, there is no indication of systematic
    > >tablet characteristics (colophon etc.) in any other OT text. It may very
    > >well be that Moses, or even Joseph already, copied Jacob's tablet
    > >collection to papyrus (Wiseman didn't speculate on that). But archeology
    > >apparently confirms that clay tablets, not papyrus, were the ordinary
    > >writing substrate all over the Near East - apart from Egypt - until long
    > >after Moses' time.
    >I wish I could get as much press on my disclosure of hard historical data
    >and evidence corroborating Genesis 1-11 as these guys get on idle
    >speculation. Sigh ...
    >Anyway, clay tablets went out of style before the Exodus ca. 1290 BC. While
    >clay tablets have been found in city libraries, it would be hard to
    >imagine nomadic
    >peoples generating them.
    > >As for the size of the Genesis tablet library, I don't think it would
    > >have been so much trouble for the patriarchs to have their important
    > >family documentation in their luggage.
    >Clay doesn't travel well.
    > >"It would be surprising if the biblical patriarchs had not done so
    > >with their own
    > >genealogies ..."
    >Well, we certainly have king lists, and they do parallel the Genesis
    >5 genealogies to
    >some degree ...
    >Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
    >ĪThe Answer we should have known about 150 years agoĶ

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