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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 12:49:13 EDT

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    >>I would further state that doing so is a VERY narrow view, and shows a
    >>much deeper personal hatred for those with opposing views. >>

    I have friens of all political and religious persuasions, Don. That includes
    Duane Gish, BTW. And Ted Kennedy. To ascribe "deep personal hatred" to me is
    an affront, and I deeply resent it.

    That there are some folks I might have difficulty with if I met them --
    maybe. But outside of, prehaps, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and a few "bad
    guys" like that, I really have trouble "hating" any of them.

    I think Falwell, Robertson and the like are dead wrong in most of their
    political and religious rantings, but I do not hate them. I resent what you
    have said about me (aove), but there is no hate in that resentment. I think
    Geoge Bush, John Ashcroft and Rumsfield are quite on the wrong page on the
    Iraq question, and am inclined to think personally that their posturing is
    driven more by politics than anything else, but I do not hate them, and hope
    that they are driven at all times by the purest of motives.

    I correspond regularly with several fundamentalists, friends of many years.
    These friendships are not marred by differing views.

    I refuse to look at the world as "us" vs "them."


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