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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Thu Oct 03 2002 - 16:31:43 EDT

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    Wayne wrote: "I'm not so convinced that there was any deception. First
    know the result as observers, and _we_ know where the story is
    going, but it is quite typical that us poor players who strut
    and fret our lives on the stage have little idea what is going
    on in our own play.

    As you can see, Wayne, some of your posts are coming through a bit hard to

    With all our "poor" understanding, it still seems pretty clear to me that
    God told Moses to tell Pharoah what is, at best, a 1/2 truth, and so deceive
    Pharoah to some extent. I'm looking at Ex 7:14-16, but there are a number of
    similar passages.

    That the deception is warranted is not the question -- after all, even those
    opposed to Fletcher's book on situational ethics would agree it is right to
    lie to the Gestapo about the Jewish neighbors in your basement. I suppose
    one could argue that in all cases the writer only was reporting PART of what
    the Lord said to tell Pharoah, but this seems like special pleading.



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