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    Eric mascall was a fine non-oxymoronic Anglican theologian and as unlike
    Bish spong as possible.
    For all those here who have followed recent discussion on Peter's
    aquaplaning can I recommend his "The Secularisation of Christianity"
    published in 1965 as a response to Robinson, van Buren, and John Knox (a nt
    theologian of the 1960s!) His chapters on science and "fact and the Gospels
    " are especially good.

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    > A propos some recent discussion on the Bible and the NT, this little =
    > ditty by Anglican theologian Eric Mascall:
    > "Was it he beneath the fig-tree?"
    > Beneath a fig-tree once there sat
    > A very guileless Jew.
    > He had the firm conviction that
    > He was Bartholomew.
    > But then the Higher Critics came,
    > With L and M and Q,
    > And if you ask him now his name
    > He hasn't got a clue.
    > So out upon these men of clay,
    > This unbelieving crew!
    > May others treat them just as they
    > Treated Bartholomew!

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