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Date: Thu Oct 03 2002 - 09:49:32 EDT

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    I could not resist the temptation to consider what I personally believed on
    Burgy's list. (Not what I thought "traditional Christians" believed.)

    I crossed out the ones that I do not subscribe to at all.

    Would be interested in others.

    John W Burgeson wrote:

    > As part of my study, I have been making a list of things that are taught
    > by traditional Christianity (i.e. fundamentalism). Confining my focus to
    > only the USA, I have come up with a list of twenty-nine likely
    > candidates. Some of the items on this list might have essentially a 100%
    > agreement -- indeed, some of them are beliefs I subscribe to myself.
    > Others might have less support.
    > I suspect that all the items on this list would have the support of at
    > least 75% of traditional Christians (again -- fundamentalists).
    > I wonder if there might be items I left out. Or perhaps items I ought not
    > include.
    > Comments appreciated. I've done a lot of reading to get to this point --
    > but I know I've not touched all the bases yet. I'm also sure that some of
    > the items might well be phrased better.
    > Here is the list:
    > Traditional Xtianity teaches:
    > 1 Adam and Eve were actual people


    > 3 Those who hear of Jesus and reject him are lost

    depends upon what is "heard"

    > 9 Jesus second coming will happen


    > 10 Believers will be resurrected with new bodies

    yes, but I don't know what it means

    > 11 Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation

    yes ,but that is not the same as saying that only Christians can be "saved"

    > 17 Jesus Christ is both human and divine


    > 19 Jesus had a physical body after his resurrection


    > 20 Satan is a real entity


    > 24 The flood really happened


    > 25 Jonah is literal history

    At least that the author thought so and that it is at least partially factual
    in content..

    > 29 The earth was formed in its present state less than 10,000 years ago

    a possibility ---


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