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Date: Thu Oct 03 2002 - 11:06:37 EDT

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    Hi Peter, you wrote:

    >Wiseman suggests that Genesis was transmitted on clay tablets before
    >Jacob moved to Egypt (cf. his Colophon in Gen.37:1-2a), and that from
    >then on, presumably Egyptian writing customs obtained, i.e. papyrus. In
    >striking contrast to Gen.1-36, there is no indication of systematic
    >tablet characteristics (colophon etc.) in any other OT text. It may very
    >well be that Moses, or even Joseph already, copied Jacob's tablet
    >collection to papyrus (Wiseman didn't speculate on that). But archeology
    >apparently confirms that clay tablets, not papyrus, were the ordinary
    >writing substrate all over the Near East - apart from Egypt - until long
    >after Moses' time.

    I wish I could get as much press on my disclosure of hard historical data
    and evidence corroborating Genesis 1-11 as these guys get on idle
    speculation. Sigh ...

    Anyway, clay tablets went out of style before the Exodus ca. 1290 BC. While
    clay tablets have been found in city libraries, it would be hard to
    imagine nomadic
    peoples generating them.

    >As for the size of the Genesis tablet library, I don't think it would
    >have been so much trouble for the patriarchs to have their important
    >family documentation in their luggage.

    Clay doesn't travel well.

    >"It would be surprising if the biblical patriarchs had not done so
    >with their own
    >genealogies ..."

    Well, we certainly have king lists, and they do parallel the Genesis
    5 genealogies to
    some degree ...

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