Traditional Xtianity teaches

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Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 16:16:27 EDT

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    As part of my study, I have been making a list of things that are taught
    by traditional Christianity (i.e. fundamentalism). Confining my focus to
    only the USA, I have come up with a list of twenty-nine likely
    candidates. Some of the items on this list might have essentially a 100%
    agreement -- indeed, some of them are beliefs I subscribe to myself.
    Others might have less support.

    I suspect that all the items on this list would have the support of at
    least 75% of traditional Christians (again -- fundamentalists).

    I wonder if there might be items I left out. Or perhaps items I ought not

    Comments appreciated. I've done a lot of reading to get to this point --
    but I know I've not touched all the bases yet. I'm also sure that some of
    the items might well be phrased better.

    Here is the list:

    Traditional Xtianity teaches:

    1 Adam and Eve were actual people
    2 Those who never hear of Jesus in this life are lost
    3 Those who hear of Jesus and reject him are lost
    4 Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. are lost
    5 All lost people will suffer endless punishment
    6 Homosexual acts are always sinful
    7 Abortion at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason is always murder
    8 Only males should be ordained as ministers, elders, bishops or deacons
    9 Jesus second coming will happen
    10 Believers will be resurrected with new bodies
    11 Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation
    12 It is not sinful to be a Democrat, but it is close to it
    13 It is always sinful to have a female lead in a worship service
    14 Republicans follow God more closely than Democrats
    15 Salvation means the attainment of heaven after death
    16 There are only two possibilities after death, eternal bliss or endless
    17 Jesus Christ is both human and divine
    18 Government welfare is not fair to those who have been sober and
    19 Jesus had a physical body after his resurrection
    20 Satan is a real entity
    21 Jesus does not approve of gun control laws
    22 Jesus does approve of the government mandating public school prayers
    23 Divorce is always sinful
    24 The flood really happened
    25 Jonah is literal history
    26 Job is literal history
    27 The original manuscripts of the Bible are inerrant
    28 What we have today is quite close to the original manuscripts
    29 The earth was formed in its present state less than 10,000 years ago

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