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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 13:40:40 EDT

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    >What? Even more unsupported claims ? Then it is time to challenge that
    >type of
    hype again. They are your friends (or so you say) , not mine. Perhaps it is
    for you to get more aggressive and _demand_ an alternative -- or an
    that they are not scientists in _any_ sense of the word. (I often have the
    complaint about some of the ASA "theologians" on this list ---- including
    some of those who claim to have scientific credentials.....)>>

    No "claim." I think they had not (in 1988 at least) thought very much about
    the subject at all. But prior theologians, dating back to at least the
    1700s, have done so. It is not at all a new topic and Christians of all
    varieties have usually been comfortable with the ideas that life may very
    well exist elsewhere.

    They are my friends because they are, however misguided, my brothers in
    Christ. And I have good reasons to think they reciprocate that friendship --
    and, yes, love. As such, I suggest that you ought to so regard them also.
    Ever since Ireneous started promulgating the "Christian" doctrine of
    exclusivity back in -- what -- 200 AD or so -- we Christians have been all
    to quick to divide the world into "us" and "them." I suggest that this is
    perhaps the most serious error we make. The very word "heretic" comes from a
    Greek word meaning "other choices," and that Greek word carries no
    pejorative connotations. Today, of course, people vilify and hurt other
    people because their beliefs differ, labeling them "heretics" and justifying
    all sorts of harm to them on that basis.

    I do not see Jesus doing that. And I won't either.


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