Re: Matthew from Did Peter walk on water?

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Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 13:02:15 EDT

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    > >the suggestion that Matthew wrote Matthew and that it was written
    > >prior to AD 70 within Matthew's lifetime. <
    > A few years ago, it was claimed that a couple of scraps of Matthew
    > dated to this time, obviously requiring the composition of Matthew
    > to
    > be this early. Does anyone know more about this? I have, but have
    > not read, a book promoting this view, which does not appear to be
    > the
    > most objective source. I think the dating was paleographic
    > (handwriting style), which would be hard to make precise enough to
    > be
    > certain.
    > Dr. David Campbell

    The book is Carsten Peter Thiede and Matthew d'Ancona, The Jesus Papyri,
    London:Weidenffeld and Nicolson, 1996. They note that there are two
    papyri from Qumran, which have to antedate A.D. 68, which contain bits of
    Mark and of II Timothy. The latter has to antedate A.D. 62. Then they
    note bits of Matthew from the same codex, but listed as P64 (parts of ch.
    26) and P67 (parts of 3 and 5) that were written about A.D. 70.

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