Re: on the track of the hydrogen mine?

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    Dr. Campbell,

    Photolysis of water is a "Holy Grail" of modern science (see Accounts of
    Chemical Research, March 1995) for valid reasons and I'm glad to hear
    progress is being made. carbon+titanium oxide would be a very cheap
    catalyst. The pollution problem that you mention is negligible. Water
    vapor is only 1/10 the greenhouse gas that CO2 is, it already is very
    abundant in the atmosphere (1-3% vs. 360 ppm) and there is a vast, natural
    cycle for water.

    The real problem with a hydrogen fuel economy right now is that there isn't
    a good way to make hydrogen. Until photolysis works well, hydrogen is
    created from hydrocarbons, producing CO2 as a byproduct.


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    Subject: on the track of the hydrogen mine?

    The latest Science reports a substantially improved catalyst for
    light-induced splitting of water. Addition of carbon to the
    previously known titanium oxide catalyst yielded 8.5 percent rather
    than 1 percent efficiency. Ten percent is the Department of Energy
    estimate for commercial viability, though the energy to make the
    stuff and ease of large-scale production were not discussed in the
    summary. If further work increases the efficiency of this effort, it
    could provide hydrogen as a viable replacement for some uses of
    petroleum-derived fuels.

    Despite the favorable press that this gets as being more ecologically
    firendly, water vapor is a greenhouse gas. However, buring hydrogen
    probably will not have more effect than burning similar amounts of

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