Re: A falsifiable test Re: AiG bites the dust

From: John Burgeson (
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 20:12:36 EDT

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    >>In the above case and supported by AiG and ICR , _only_ mankind is the
    >>object to
    the Lord's intent in this universe.

    Therefore, all attempts to find other intelligence in this universe are
    completely doomed to failure.

    Hence, The SETI activity is a ěfalsifiable?criterion. If SETI ever reveals
    extra terrestrial intelligence, then a young earth has been falsified. Other
    wise it has not.

    Whatcha think about them for apples?

    Won't fly, I think. My memory is hazy on this, but I dees to remember Gish
    or Morris addressing the issue of extra terrestrial intelligences (material,
    not angelic) and commenting that the ICR thesis did not necessarily suggest
    either an absence or a presence of such.



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