Matthew from Did Peter walk on water?

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    >the suggestion that Matthew wrote Matthew and that it was written
    >prior to AD 70 within Matthew's lifetime. <

    A few years ago, it was claimed that a couple of scraps of Matthew
    dated to this time, obviously requiring the composition of Matthew to
    be this early. Does anyone know more about this? I have, but have
    not read, a book promoting this view, which does not appear to be the
    most objective source. I think the dating was paleographic
    (handwriting style), which would be hard to make precise enough to be

    > one wonders why Matthew would have used Mk here as a source if he
    >had been an eyewitness. While Mt.14:22-27 is not identical with
    >Mk.6:45-51, it seems clear from the use of the same words and
    >phrases that Mt is indeed using Mk's account as his basic framework.<

    Why not use an existing framework instead of making up a new one? If
    Mark is correctly identified as closely reflecting Peter's preaching
    of the gospel, then the Marcan outline would have been familiar to
    most of the early church, including Matthew.

    On a similar topic, though addressing differences rather than
    similarities, Dorothy Sayers has a review of John as if it were the
    Times Book Review section for AD 90. It is in the Whimsical
    Christian anthology. The review credits John with seeking to
    supplement and clear up previous accounts, rather than repeating what
    was already familiar.

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