Re: Did Peter walk on water?

From: John Burgeson (
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 11:59:37 EDT

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    >>and I get my references from Christian bookstores in liberal

    Just for the record, I respect Ted Kennedy. <G>

    >>My primary
    reference for New Testament is the Tyndale Commentaries. It totally
    with the view that the text we have been discussing is non-historical and
    not offer any suggestion at all that is a midrash. Yet, if others on this
    suggest it is historical in nature, we get a lecture about our lack of
    theological understanding.>>

    I think George and Bob are arguing that whether or not it is history is not
    the important question. On that I have to agree.

    OTOH, I do think myself that it is a question of interest. But they argue
    that we cannot know the answer with any certainty, and I agree. For me, I
    take it as literal history. But in so doing I do not think that any
    significant part of my spiritual development depends on that answer.


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