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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 11:48:48 EDT

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    >>unless the Creator is deliberately misleading us, >>

    This is a little off the point, but that phrase triggered a thought.

    Last year, when I was presenting the thinking of Gosse here (his book
    OMPHALOS), George Murphy and others thought that one key argument against
    Gosse's ideas was "the deceptive god." Ad now you have used that agian
    (properly, of course).

    My thought is this -- how do we know God does not -- sometimes --
    deliberately deceive? It seems that He did so at least once (actually
    several times) in the story of the plagues of Egypt. Over and over God tells
    Moses to lie to Pharaoh, to tell him the people want only to go three days
    march into the desert to sacrifice -- rather than tell Pharaoh their real
    plan is to keep on going.

    To me, then, one way the silly ideas of ICR and AIG could be supported,
    perhaps by some variant of OMPHALOS, is to claim a deceptive God. The story
    of the plagues might be used to support this.


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