Life's beginnings

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Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 17:18:24 EDT

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    "WHEN DOES LIFE BEGIN? Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Stem
    Cell Research"
    Five women were trying to decide when life begins.
    1. The Catholic said: "Life begins at conception."
    2. The Muslim said. : "Life begins when the fertilized egg attaches to
    the womb's wall.
    3. The Medical Researcher said: "Fourteen days after conception, when the
    embryo is developed to the point that it cannot divide into twins."
    4. The Medical Doctor said: "At 26 weeks, when the lungs are developed
    enough for the fetus to live without a mother."
    5. The Protestant said: "Life begins at birth."
    6. The Jewish mother said: "You are all wrong, life begins when the dog
    dies and the children leave home."

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