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Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 16:50:32 EDT

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    I sent this to the list a couple of years ago and got a few responses then.
    Now I'm really going to be teaching this course (at least it's on the
    schedule for next year), and so I need to put together a proposal due early
    October to the University Gen Ed committee. I downloaded some sample
    courses from the Templeton site. In addition to my questions about texts
    and syllabi, I'm curious if there are still grants/workshops out there on
    how to teach a course in science and religion. Any ideas?


    >I'm just starting a tenure track position in chemistry at the University
    > Illinois at Springfield. Besides teaching chemistry, I have the
    > to develop courses with a broader appeal, specifically in liberal arts or
    > public affairs. I've indicated to my department that I'd like to do a
    > course in science and religion and they seem open to it. I have until the
    > end of the month to submit a formal course proposal for review by the
    > curriculum committee. And I need help.
    > My questions for you are:
    > 1) What texts have you found useful in this area that are not specifically
    > Christian?
    > 2) What are some public institutions that offer such a course?
    > And if you've taught such a course and are willing to share your syllabus,
    > I'd appreciate it.
    > At my campus there are some very liberal faculty in charge of committees,
    > I may have a hard sell. I want to present a well thought out course which
    > is not biased toward the Christian perspective (not too much--of course,
    > that is my perspective).
    > Thanks for any help you can offer,
    > Keenan

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