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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 13:44:46 EDT

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    Jim wrote, in part: "My sense of the current situation is that
    the tables are about to turn on them."

    Some measure of this might be useful. Anecdotal evidence (such as I posted
    about the Austin conference) is useful to get a feel for things, but what
    measures are available.

    My own web site has has about 4,000 visitors since its inception 18 months
    ago. Glenn Morton's site is now at about 100,000. But check out the counters
    at AIG and ICR. Those are drops in the bucket to them. Yes -- many YECs may
    have them as home pages, and so the counts may be inflated.

    >>Hugh Ross has made it into the Christian bookstores. And the ASA gained a
    link from the Billy Graham site. Those information sources were my ticket
    out of YEC. >>

    That's good. I don't frequent "Jesus junk" bookstores myself, although I'm
    sure there are some worth a visit. I am really glad about the Billy Graham
    site link. He is a great guy. I took my sister to one of his meetings years
    ago -- it made a profound change to her life.

    BTW, the more links the better. Google uses the number of cross links to
    "rate" its findings when a search is made.

    >>The whole problem with the success of AiG is that it is built
    on ignorance. >>

    Never overestimate the intelligence of the typical American citizen. I have
    far too many friends who are both intelligent and also swallow the YEC line.
    It is sometimes hard to taklk with them.

    >>And key word searches are all that is needed for people to investigate for
    >>themselves. The battle is not yet over, but victory is well within

    I wish I believed that. From my vantage point, it appears just the opposite.


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