Re: AiG bites the dust

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 20:48:56 EDT

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    John writes

    >>And they call themselves a ministry! If they get much more publicity, the
    >>word ministry may someday become as tainted as the word creationist.

    >The problem is, Jim, that they ARE a ministry, and growing, and very very
    >successful. Some years ago in Austin we drew about 150 to a widely
    >publicized conference on intelligent design, with several very well known
    >speakers from places both agreeing with it and disagreeing with it. It was
    >great conference. But just down the road at the Bannockburn Baptist Church
    >ICR was holding their own seminar. Over 4,000 in attendence. We were a blip
    >on the landscape.

    I appreciate your experience. My sense of the current situation is that
    the tables are about to turn on them. Among us "historical Gen 1" folks,
    you basically are day-age or young earth. That's where the war is being
    waged. TEs scientifically side with day-agers (especially with the
    who accept human evolution). Scientists thoroughly repudiate young earth.
    Other folks (like me) drop young earth when they learn the facts.

    Hugh Ross has made it into the Christian bookstores. And the ASA gained a
    link from the Billy Graham site. Those information sources were my ticket
    out of YEC. The whole problem with the success of AiG is that it is built
    on ignorance. For the curious, the truth is becoming more available all
    the time. Those interested in neutralizing YEC will be interested in
    information to people who don't have it now. Fortunately, the internet is
    only a few clicks away for those of us with computers. And key word
    are all that is needed for people to investigate for themselves. The battle
    is not yet over, but victory is well within reach.

    Jim Eisele
    Genesis in Question

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