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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 17:50:49 EDT

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    >>And they call themselves a ministry! If they get much more publicity, the
    word ministry may someday become as tainted as the word creationist.

    The problem is, Jim, that they ARE a ministry, and growing, and very very
    successful. Some years ago in Austin we drew about 150 to a widely
    publicized conference on intelligent design, with several very well known
    speakers from places both agreeing with it and disagreeing with it. It was a
    great conference. But just down the road at the Bannockburn Baptist Church
    ICR was holding their own seminar. Over 4,000 in attendence. We were a blip
    on the landscape.

    I wandered around a forum last week devoted to homeschooling. Chock full of
    people excitedly sharing their finds of ICR, AIG and sites like it. Nobody
    mentioning that perhaps -- just perhaps -- their stuff was snake oil. Well
    -- after I left there were a few posts to that efect. But I suspect they
    were ignored and just the rantings of an uneducated cretin.

    Latest stats show conservative churches growing, mainline (moderate) ones in
    decline. ot all conservative churches are, of course, guilty of following
    ICR and AIG -- the ones I attended for 20 years certainly were not. But --
    alas -- there are too many that do. Particularly in the smaller communities.

    And I get mail ... .


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