Oil and Gold's Deep Hot Biosphere

From: Mr C (vr_junkie@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 12:11:38 EDT

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    Group(in particular Glenn M.),

    I know the subject of oil came up here a while back - forgive me if this
    has been discussed previously - but has Gold's Deep Hot Biosphere been
    discussed here?

    I recently came accross some interesting info on this - I'm interested in
    what you all think:

    A short review in Oil & Gas International, an industry
    website--surprisingly positive.

    A precis of the book and Dr. Gold's contact information:

    An article in Wired Magazine about Dr. Gold and the theory:

    An article in Science News about the deep biosphere:

    An article in the Washington Post regarding Gold's theory.

    One of his pages at Cornell University:

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