Re: Did Peter walk on water?

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Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 13:30:21 EDT

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    I agree with your conclusions. Indeed, whenever the pastor in my
    church preaches he does enter into a debate about what is or what is
    not the nature of the passage. Instead the focus is on the spiritual
    message ---- as it should be.

    However, it is important which portions of the Bible are actual
    history and which are not. Paul preached the resurrection and said
    that if it were not true, then we are to be the most pitied of men.
    The boundary between fable and fact has to lie somewhere. Just where
    do we think that is Biblically? Is not that important also?


    Stuart d Kirkley wrote:

    > Does ours, or anyones, opinion about this occurrence really matter
    >at all? Are we not to 'work out our own salvation". When you
    >consider Jesus' words to Peter after he rescued him from sinking
    >below the waves, "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou
    >doubt." Matt:14:31, Jesus clearly linked Peter's ability to walk on
    >the water with his faith, or lack of it. As you may recall it was
    >Peter's fear of the 'winds boisterous' which caused him to look away
    >from Christ and become fearful. I would suggest that paying any
    >attention to negativity and doubt is akin to Peter's fear of the
    >wind and waves, and can only serve to distract you in your own
    >faith. Christ admonished Peter, yet instructed him also. Let's keep
    >our eyes on Christ at all times, despite the winds of negativity and
    >the waves of doubt, and you will find the same faith that bouyed
    >Peter up is always available, and always operative.
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