Re: Did Peter walk on water?

From: William T. Yates (
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 18:12:17 EDT

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    You mean that NONE of your Bibles has Matthew 14:22-33??

    I'd return them to where you bought them. They are defective...

    --Bill Yates

    Michael Roberts wrote:
    > Is Walter using another bible. There is no mention of Peter walking on water
    > in any of my bibles.
    > Is the Good Samaritan historical?
    > The whole style and structure of Job and Jonah and place in the OT Canon
    > implies that they are not historical.
    > I cannot swallow the idea that if God wanted to he could make a whale
    > swallow a man. We mock God by being incredulous. And make the bible a fable
    > Michael

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