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From: Duff,Robert Joel (
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 15:29:59 EDT

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    There have been many discussion on this group about the effectiveness
    of ASA to distribute material. We have discussed the relative
    effectiveness of various YEC groups to influence vast numbers of
    Christians. I've recently run accross an interesting aspect of the
    apologetic tactic that Answers in Genesis has been engaged in for
    some time. Maybe this is old news to some about how the web works
    but I suspect it will surprise some.

    In setting up advertising for my own business web site I stumbled
    accross some data on AiG. They are using Pay-per-click advertising
    to draw people to their web site. Dr. Dino and a couple other people
    are doing the same thing on a smaller scale but AiG has registered a
    large number of search words and is paying to have their site come up
    first in searches on many of the most popular search vehicles.

    For example: type in Carbon 14 on and you will get one
    sponsored link which goes to AiG. They are paying 5 cents each time
    someone clicks on that link. The list goes on and on. If you want
    to see how much people are paying for the sponsered links (many times
    people don't even realize the tope 1-5 returns are payed for links!)
    go to this site and put in a search word.
    Even terms like "evolution" yield a #2 hit for answers in genesis
    that they are paying for.

    Given the number of search terms I've found that AiG "owns" I would
    imagine they are spending some real money to push people that might
    be wondering about these topics to their page. I had always wondered
    how they could attract such a huge number of unique visitors to their

    BTW, if you know of a great article on the web related to an uncommon
    search term you could easily own top billing for that search term for
    under 10 cents a click and it only takes minutes to set up an account
    to drive people toward any link you want them to go to.

    Joel Duff

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