Sterkfontein might be too young

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 13:36:47 EDT

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    There is a report in Reuters that the famous Sterkfontein hominid site in
    South Africa is a million years younger than previously thought. The report
    can be found at:

    The implications of this is that the fossil australopithecines found there
    had previously been believed to be 3-3.5 million years old. Now, the new
    dating places them at 2 myr. This means that they are too young to be our
    ancestors because the genus Homo was already in existence. Doubtless
    Reasons to Believe, ICR and Answers in Genesis will have a field day with
    this and they will never note that it was science correcting the error, not


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