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Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 21:32:19 EDT

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    george murphy wrote:.

    > Please point out where I sued the term "fable" for Jonah.

    Of course not, George; you are too "PC" for that.

    You just treat it as a fable, but never use the word. or back up the
    fact that you
    accept fables as a legitimate part of scripture -- even when an
    author goes out of
    his way to present it as FACT. (As in historical fact.)

    Then you call it "truth". -- as others on this list do.

    I repeat to you a "fable" -- I mean a true story --- that was
    presented elsewhere


    A true story

    Act 1, Scene 1

    Once there were these two Hittites named Gabriel and Abraham.
    We hear them talking:

    Abe: Hey Gabe, Iím reading this terrific book about the Jews. You should really
    read it.
    Gabe: Whatís so great about it?
    Abe: It tells how the Jews wandered for 40 years in the desert.
    Gabe: So what? Thatís just history.
    Abe: But it tells how they had nothing to eat and God sent them Manna from
    Gabe: Wow! Now thatís real good history. Tell me more.
    Abe: And there was this pillar of fire that protected them and the Red Sea
    Gabe Wow! Thatís the history of the Jews?
    Abe: Well, some say that it is a story.
    Gabe: Just a story?
    Abe: Not ějustî a story -- a true story!
    Gabe: Are you sure it is true?
    Abe: Sure it is very literary and it tells all kinds of things about God.
    Gabe: True things
    Abe: Of course!
    Gabe: But is it historical?
    Abe: Donít be so fussy. True is true and thatís good enough.
    Gabe: Excuse me but Iíve got a stoning to go to. Do you want to come?
    Abe: Will it be a real stoning?
    Gabe: Of course! And it has a moral. Do you think I would make up a story?

    Exit Gabe and Abe


    Hmmmm: What famous person said "What is truth?"


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