Mormonism from KJV translation etc.

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Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 20:08:55 EDT

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    >To make the decision you are told to pray, and if you pray like they
    >have done (and they claim to know God so this has to be correct) and
    >God will tell you directly concerning the truth of mormonism by
    >whether or not you get the "feeling of the spirit.<

    I was likewise struck by the constant appeal to feelings rather than
    judgement when they came by my door. Ironically, the appeal to
    feelings actually worked, as their arguments gave me a terrible
    feeling. Furthermore, skimming the Book of Mormon I found not only
    bad attempts at imitating KJV language and flagrant heresy but also
    scientific error. Upon landing in the New World, they purportedly
    found a bunch of useful Old World animals.

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