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Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 18:24:11 EDT

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    On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Iain Strachan wrote:

    > I read recently on a website that also the KJV-ese in the B of M is
    > grammatically incorrect. Smith knew what words to use, but was
    > unable to grasp the difference between Thou (singular) and Ye
    > (plural), and hence used them interchangably. Similarly forms of
    > verbs (Shalt wilt sheweth etc) are incorrectly used, apparently.

    The KJV itself is not free of grammatical errors (Matt. 16:13, 15).
    Apparently, already in the 17th century there was confusion about who and

    It has already been pointed out on this list that the KJV used second
    person pronouns and third person singular verb endings that had mostly
    passed from common use by 1611. It is fortunate that this change in the
    English language occurred when it did. If it had occurred much later, we
    might still be using the old forms on this side of the Atlantic, making us
    sound even stranger to you in the UK.

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