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Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 12:13:17 EDT

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    I'm afraid I can't provide a citation, as I only heard it from this guy.

    --I can second that claim, as I was once mormon. We considered the bible to
    be littered with errors mainly because it didn't come from Mormon prophets
    (and was thus less divinely inspired because men --like men in the catholic
    church, had contaminated it during the passage of time.) Joseph Smith
    offers his own translation in the Pearl of Great Price, I believe, of some
    chapters of the bible, to "decontaminate" it.

       I did try once to read the Book of Mormon; I shared a house
    >with a recent convert to Christianity, and when the Mormons came
    >round, he wanted to have a go at converting them. So we read up the
    >book (a friend had a copy), to get genned up on it. Unfortunately it
    >was not possible to read the book and keep a straight face; it was so
    >obviously an incompetent parody of the KJV style that some bits made
    >us burst out laughing. We did seriously try though. I believe that
    >it is indeed correct that whole chunks of the KJV are copied
    >wholesale; there is also a plagiarised and slightly altered form of
    >the Sermon on the Mount, preached by Christ on returning to America
    >in 33AD just after the ascension.

    --I thought it was after his crucifixion and before the resurrection when
    Christ visited america, but then my Mormon theology is a little rusty after
    8 years now.... A highly recommended source for documented errors,
    plagarisms, fallacies of Mormon theology is found at
    I highly recommend reviewing the material so you can be prepared for
    interactions with your family. Mormonism is no joke, it is a serious
    spiritually-dead prison of self-justification and legalism. By the way, did
    you know that Joseph Smith was tried and convicted of treasure-digging
    before he founded his religion? There's alot wrong there.

    It really beats me how anyone can believe that stuff;

    --It's quite simple really. Please see philipians chapter 3, where Paul
    speaks on legalistic righteousness. This captivates the mormon audience
    (that is living according to legalism.) The hook is the following: a
    missionary shows up at your door and tells you that they have direct
    information from God to share with you. They tell you a watered-down
    synopsis of Mormonism that is reasonable and ask you to make a decision of
    truth based on the limited information they give you. (If every mormon
    missionary was followed by an evangelical christian into every home,
    Mormonism would fail, because the initial hook is critical.) To make the
    decision you are told to pray, and if you pray like they have done (and they
    claim to know God so this has to be correct) and God will tell you directly
    concerning the truth of mormonism by whether or not you get the "feeling of
    the spirit." This feeling is basically an indescribable personal experience
    where God confirms that Mormonism is true. On this first occasion you are
    asked to confirm the truth of several things 1. Book of Mormon is true, 2.
    Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and also true 3. The witness of Joseph
    Smith recieving the restored Gospel of mormonism is also true. Now, once
    you get the feeling and discover the truth (and God directly tells you that
    these three things are true based upon some feeling you get), you have
    joined the ranks of those who know the "fullness of truth" as proclaimed by
    mormon doctrine and have risen to greater knowledge than all other churches
    and authorities in the world. After your baptism where you officially
    assume Mormon membership you are gradually taught all the other questionable
    and bizarre theology. However, since you have already personally heard God
    and Know that Mormon things are true, you question little, in fact you are
    constantly encouraged NOT to question anything. For example I can clearly
    remember being told many times to never speak to anyone with anti-Mormon
    propaganda, etc. because they were directly from Satan and would try to lie
    and decieve you. (The thought in the back of my mind was-- if I know the
    truth and they don't, won't the truth prevail when I talk to them?!?) So,
    the quite simple summary: a perfect blend of pride-serving theology (I am
    now one of the select few who knows the real truth) and partial truths
    capture many to dedicate their lives to an errant and polluted Gospel. And
    unless you personally overcome many barriers socially, and theologically you
    can never leave the church. (One of the hardest for me to overcome was the
    fact that according to Mormonism, if you join the church during your life
    and then fall away, you are among the only people who are guarunteed to go
    to hell. Everyone else gets some degree of heaven regardless of their
    knowledge of mormonism, only those who reject mormonism go to hell. This
    was very difficult because when I left the church, I was convinced that I
    was casting myself into hell, even though I would tell myself that I didn't
    believe that anymore!) Most discussions with Mormons are stopped dead by-
    "God told me directly what is and is not true, how can you determine what
    God tells ME!?!", and the training that any naysayer of mormonism is from
    the devil. In my view, it is the perfectly-crafted religion engineered from
    Satan himself, not unlike the errors of the pharisees of Jesus' time.

    Josh Bembenek

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