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From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 07:12:44 EDT

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    John Burgeson wrote:

    > I have no "bias" against miracles in either of the testaments. But both
    > Jonah and Job read like literature -- not as history. To hold that they are
    > -- either of them -- actual literal history seems no more likely than if
    > someone were to tell me to take CINDERELLA as literal history. That some
    > historical events may have been the cause of the stories as told is not
    > unlikely, of course.

    To many the entire Bible reads like a "story" and that is why they
    don't believe

    Now I do not claim that Jonah is a true story because I simply do not know. Yet
    I know many who do know whether or not it is a true story. Unfortunately many
    know that it is true and many know that it is not. Those who know it is true
    base the claim on the accuracy of God's word. What I was hoping for was some
    good reasons from those who know it is not true.


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