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From: Iain Strachan (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 21:24:48 EDT

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    Burgy wrote:
    >Fascinating. I learn something more every day. Can anyone provide a citation
    >on the "Mormons accept only the KJV?"

    I'm afraid I can't provide a citation, as I only heard it from this
    guy. I did try once to read the Book of Mormon; I shared a house
    with a recent convert to Christianity, and when the Mormons came
    round, he wanted to have a go at converting them. So we read up the
    book (a friend had a copy), to get genned up on it. Unfortunately it
    was not possible to read the book and keep a straight face; it was so
    obviously an incompetent parody of the KJV style that some bits made
    us burst out laughing. We did seriously try though. I believe that
    it is indeed correct that whole chunks of the KJV are copied
    wholesale; there is also a plagiarised and slightly altered form of
    the Sermon on the Mount, preached by Christ on returning to America
    in 33AD just after the ascension.

    I read recently on a website that also the KJV-ese in the B of M is
    grammatically incorrect. Smith knew what words to use, but was
    unable to grasp the difference between Thou (singular) and Ye
    (plural), and hence used them interchangably. Similarly forms of
    verbs (Shalt wilt sheweth etc) are incorrectly used, apparently.

    It really beats me how anyone can believe that stuff; but I do have
    relations in Canada who are Mormons and are very serious about it.
    As the issue is controversial among the other Christians in the
    family, we tend to try and avoid the topic.


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