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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 11:10:54 EDT

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    Iain wrote: "I got cornered by a
    Mormon in the middle of Oxford the other day, and I asked him why the Book
    Mormon, which was written by Joseph Smith in the 19th Century, is cast in
    same kind of language as the KJV. He responded that this was the kind of
    language the original document in "reformed Egyptian" was written in so it
    to be translated in that way. It seemed a bit beyond him that one would
    translate literally using the contemporary equivalent words, and not archaic
    language. He also said that the Mormons only accept the KJV as
    and don't believe in modern translations. "

    Fascinating. I learn something more every day. Can anyone provide a citation
    on the "Mormons accept only the KJV?"

    Somewhere I read that part of the book of Mormon is also a word-for-word
    plagiarism of parts of the KJV OT. But I don't know this for sure.



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