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Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 07:33:58 EDT

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    Jesus (Mt 5:17,18), Paul (2 Tim 3:16,17) and Peter (2 Peter 1:20,21) (and
    there are probably more) all referenced the inerrancy of the "scriptures" or
    the "law" (they were obviously referring to what we know as the Old
    Testament). Christ on several occasions re-affirmed OT stories (Jonah in Mt
    12:38-40, David in Mt 12:3,4 and the flood in Mt. 24:37-39 and Luke
    17:26-32). Throughout the past 6 months that I've been reading this
    news-post I've seen many pieces of the OT re-explained, negated, derided or
    worse through claims of those understanding modern science much better than
    I do. Were Christ's references to Jonah and the flood simply his
    misunderstanding of the scriptures? Did He really believe that Jonah was
    swallowed by a big fish? What are the implications to our acceptance of the
    OT, and to a larger extent our acceptance of Christ, given these quotes from
    him? I'm open to debate on the Bible - we are encouraged to "test all
    things" (I Thes 5:21) - but at what point does the Bible's inaccuracy begin
    to erode our understanding of God? and ultimately the foundation of our

    If there are errors throughout the Old and New Testaments, how do we know
    the "important" pieces are accurate. How do we know that Jesus said "I am
    THE Way..." and not "I am A Way...". At what point do we lose basis for our
    faith? This isn't a call to blind faith, rather it's a challenge of Source
    Authority. Which holds ultimate authority: God's omniscience and
    omnipotence? or the latest interpretations of scientific data?

    Why try to measure God by our human standards/logic/reason rather than seek
    to understand His logic/rationale when the Bible and/or science appear
    confusing and contradicting? Clearly a philosophical debate, but one at the
    heart of all Biblical interpretation.

    Ian Hassell

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