Re: The Flood Hoax

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Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 22:32:24 EDT

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    George wrote:

    " I have great respect for the KJV but consider the "KJV only"
    view, especially in the extreme form you sketch below, completely loony.
    But the point that I made in my earlier post was that a number of the
    "discrepancies" in the gospels that inerrantists think require
    "harmonizing" are found in all competent translations. "

    What can I say. I agree, of course. "Loony" is a milder pejorative than
    I'd probably use.

    Some of the KJV problems HAVE been "corrected" in the NIV, for one. Some
    have not. I find it of interest to see how my "loony friends" make the

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