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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 11:21:54 EDT

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    On Jul 29 you commented:
    >>& you can also argue that there were originally two blind men
    >instead of one in Mk.10:46-52 so that it agrees with Mt.20:29-34. Anything
    >can be harmonized with anything in this way, at the cost of rewriting the
    >Bible. ...[I] don't see how one can do this from a "KJV only" stance since
    >the problems are there in the KJV text.>>

    George -- sorry -- this one got "lost" for awhile.

    I finally was able to get a copy of Peter Ruckman's book THE "ERRORS" IN THE
    KING JAMES BIBLE. In this book Peter claims to have solved every one of
    these problems, showing that the 1611 text passes the test of complete
    inerrancy and hence is divinely inspired. Inspired even over the very greek
    texts from which it was translated.

    I have a very good friend of 40+ years, one who came to Christ partially, at
    least, through my testimonies to him when he was director of the University
    of Akron's Data Processing Center and I was his IBM technical rep. Bob (who
    lives near you in Cuyahoga Falls) embraced a very fundamentalist position,
    and he and I have carried on a mail correspondence for years on biblical
    inerrancy. He subscribes to Ruckman's position(s) pretty much down the line.

    I have been dipping into Ruckman's book from time to time -- I THINK I can
    find in it an answer to almost any KJV problem anyone can come up with. So
    if you or anyone else is interested, toss me (on the ASA list) a purported
    KJV problem and I'll see how Ruckman answers it. For this purpose, I'll
    assume the role of an academic, defending the KJV inerrancy to the best of
    my ability. I do not, of course, hold that position myself.

    Note that this exercise is confined to the KJV. Problems in other
    translations can always be "solved" by appealing to the original
    manuscripts. Since those are not available, such a solution seems to me to
    be without any usefulness.

    Persons on this list (I think there are two) who subscribe to Ruckman's
    approach can monitor me for fairness and correct me as appropriate.

    BTW, a Google search on "Peter Ruckman" turns up some fascinating sites. He
    is not quite a "David Koresh" or "Jim Jones" but he does have some of the
    same apparent personality characteristics. For sure, he is not shy at
    expressing his positions.


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