Re: Critique of ID & No Free Lunch

From: Josh Bembenek (
Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 12:19:15 EDT

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    If the question of ID vs. evolution largely hinges on whether indirect
    routes may be accessible for the evolution of IC systems, I propose that one
    look at the most recently emerged systems. These are the ones most likely to
    retain any information about possible precursors and are the most amenable
    to historic reconstruction.

    Just some thoughts...


    I believe the flagella was used originally in the Black Box because it had a
    very direct analogy to mechanical swimming devices and thus could be clearly
    seen as an interworking set of components that function all for one purpose
    or not at all. Regardless, wasn't the cilium mentioned in the Black Box,
    and isn't the cilium more "modern" in evolution, yet far more complex? What
    systems do you propose are more modern than the flagella that would be
    easier to work out due to the evidence available about their formation?

    Josh Bembenek

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